20 Mind Blowing Pallet Projects with Tutorials

I absolutely love pallets! They are heavy duty and easy to work with. Plus, many places give them away for free. We’ve used pallets for several projects such as the front steps to our house, our shed, and our compost. The only expense while working with pallets has been the screws that hold them together. Recently, I’ve been “nerding out” and researching future projects. In the process, I compiled the following compilation of stunning projects complete with tutorials.

Pallet swing bed
Her toddler loves it


House siding
Excellent siding for a tiny home


Lounge and table
Budget friendly patio furniture.


straw pallet solar shed side view
Our solar shed design


Tv stand
An impressive amount of effort went into this TV stand


Pallet bed
Cheaper than a futon and much more beautiful!
Check out the detailed tutorial

Vertical planting

Vertical gardening is easy and saves space


Head board
Birds are optional


Coffee table
A thrifty centerpiece


Tool Holder
I could not find a tutorial for this beauty, but I had to share it anyways!

This dog house made from pallets (Tutorial video)


Storage shelves
Storage shelves


So simple!


Pallet wall
Accent wall made from pallet wood


Pallet bench
An adorable outdoor bench


Raised garden beds
Raised flower beds
Straw and pallet home
An entire home made from straw and pallets!

^ if this sparked your interest I recommend checking out this blog

Pallet chair
Simple and sturdy.

And lastly, check out this really cool pallet shed tutorial!

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