The trials and tribulations of hooking up a miniature gas range

Our little gas range has been hooked up for several months and we couldn’t be happier. We feel extra grateful for our setup considering how long it took to get things running smoothly. With limited resources, installing our gas appliances was a major struggle. Finding a professional who was willing to work with gas in our home was unlikely due to regulations that leave tiny homes in a legal grey area.

Finding a miniature range was a challenge. Last year I traveled around the closest cities and managed to track down one tiny gas range that had been stripped from a camper. It was $400 CAN and there was no opportunity to test it out for leaks before buying it. Finally, my step Dad offered to loan us his own from his camper. Unfortunately, there was damage to the regulator and the gas would not flow properly. When our family camper from childhood was offered to me for scrap parts, I salvaged the retro Wedgewood range.

Before I go on, I would like to stress a few major points about working/living with gas appliances:

  • Propane is dangerous, if you do not know what you are doing ask for help.
  • Though propane smells like rotten eggs, you can’t smell while you are sleeping! Purchase a multi use carbon monoxide, propane, natural gas alarm.
  • Use yellow threading tape designed specifically for gas fittings.
  • Check connections with soapy water and watch for bubbles.

The previous builders of our home had installed a gas hose that was fitted for a portable propane camp stove. Using a camp stove was not an option because all camp stoves are intended for outdoor use only. Once we realized that the current hose had to be replaced, we hopped onto Amazon and placed an express order. We ordered a hose as well as a regulator so that the gas would flow at the right pressure. If you are unsure of what pressure your hookup needs, check the user manual or the label on the appliance. We quickly learned that as a safety precaution, gas will not flow to some appliances until the pressure requirements are met.

Ordering the propane hose
Ordering the proper hose

There are limited propane adapters available on the market. I believe this is to discourage people from fiddlingMr Heater Hookup kit with gas because it is so dangerous. After many failed trips to home depot and a local camping supply store, we again turned to the internet. Our day was saved once we purchased the “Mr. Heater One Stop Universal Gas Appliance Hook Up Kit” from Amazon. I’m fairly confident that this setup will smoothly connect almost any gas fittings together. Just bear in mind that the more connections you use within your setup, the higher risk you run for developing a leak.  We purchased two of these kits and used the second one to hook up our on demand water heater hassle free.

Propane tank Regulator Mr heater adapters

Once we tracked down all the right pieces, hooking up the range was simple. Don’t forget that burning propane yields water and carbon dioxide. We are in the process of installing a kitchen fan which will draw the condensation outside, keeping our kitchen dry. I will post a tutorial soon outlining the installation.


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