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A husband and wife team, Michael and Kirsten are the creators and builders behind Turtle Island Tiny Homes. Bringing 30 years of house construction to the table, Michael is a very skilled and experienced builder. With the first three homes built in Alberta, Turtle Island Tiny Homes understands Canadian climate. The crew has since moved to Qualicum Bay, BC where they carry out production with one additional part time employee. They call themselves Turtle Island, as it is the name of North America, according to some indigenous groups.

It all began when Michael and Kirsten built a 16 ft camper style home on the back of a 5 ton truck. They turned in into their 14 year old sons “room” in the yard and he loved it. After receiving countless questions about the structure and a widespread interest from the outside world, they decided to begin building for others. 3 years ago they sold their first home and the rest is history. They have since moved into one of their own 300 square foot masterpiece and are embracing a simpler life.

Designs are based on what the owner asks for. They normally plan the stairs first, as they are the most practical way to make it to the loft instead of a ladder. Turtle Island’s goal is to get familiar with their clientele and their needs when deciding on the interlay of the space. With a wide demographic ranging from all ages (the youngest being 14 years old!) all walks of life, and many different family situations; building tiny homes is not a one size fits all solution. Each home is as unique as their clients and built for a wide range of reasons. The most recent home focused on multiple sleeping areas for visiting family. Michael and Kirsten prioritizing a full size kitchen and bathroom when building their own.

The price of having a home built really depends on the needs of the individual(s). $40,000 is about the lowest they can build for. If your budget is less, Michael and Kirsten urge you to still get in touch with Turtle Island Tiny Homes and see if something can be worked out. If you are thinking about going tiny, they urge you to embrace minimalism and let go of your belongings. This power couple wants to guide others toward achieving their dreams. Their goal is to be a leader in the industry so they can continue to show people how much fun living tiny can be!

May 23, 2016 – Images removed by current owners request.

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  1. Marcella Reply

    Thank you for removing the photos of my home from this blerb written by the builders themselves. I do not want my home used to sell their business. I cannot recommend them. Thank you…

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