Top 10 ways to find used materials

1. Habitat for humanity, Restore

Restore offers a wide range of materials for building and renovating. Stock is donated from individuals and companies. Proceeds go towards building homes for those in need. Swing by if you need cupboards, a sink, tools, or maybe just a cheap can of “Great Stuff”.

2. The free store

Yes, these do exist. If you are lucky enough to have one in your city, head there right now. Normally you pay a small fee to get rid of your stuff an then it’s free for the taking.

3. Consignment stores

Goodwill is first on our list with used furniture, shelves, headboards etc for up-cycled projects. To my knowledge, Value Village is not offering used furniture anymore but it is worth giving them a visit. Do a quick google search and see what is in your area.

4. Eco Station, Eco Center etc

Take advantage of the drop off location for batteries, spray paint, and other items that do not go to the landfill. You can collect items like tires, spray paint, old appliances, and scrap metal for free.

5. City dump exchange area

Dig through the “take it or leave it” section. We retrieved a few gems from these piles, including our kitchen sink!

6. Social networking shout out

It really works. Update your Facebook status with a basic outline of what you need. A post will normally get shared a few times and if you are lucky someone will contact you. Countless people have scraps kicking around that they would rather give away than pay to take to the dump.

7. Online classifieds

Kijiji, Craigslist, or whatever is used in your area. Classifieds are awesome because they are effortless. If you are feeling really lazy, you can post a “wanted” add but chances are your will not be getting many callbacks.

8. Reuse center

Offering a wide collection of anything craft related, the reuse center is a hot spot for cheap materials. Simply walk in, load up, and pay by the weight of your items.

9. Garage sales

No explanation needed. Hit them during the first few days of operation for better chances of finding what you need.

10. Ask local companies

Every business has waste. If you can make that waste into something, go for it. Ask a local carpentry company for their off cuts, check with the shipping company for discarded industrial tarps, etc.  You will never know until you ask!

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  1. Jane on Whidbey Reply

    Excellent suggestions. I’ve used most of them.

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