Upcycle your headboard into a banister

Last evening, I looked around our house and noticed that things were a little less messy. As the gold glow from the vintage bulbs flooded into the corners, I felt inspired. I began to take the first round of pictures with the camera that I have been borrowing . With so much left to do on the interior, these moments of beauty are rewarding.

Masks by shag stairs
We can’t get enough of the shag.
Headboard used as banister
Our headboard was reborn into a banister.
Shag stairs and cat
Johnny perched above the stairs.

Our interior layout was rooted from a tight budget and encouraged us to get creative.  The greatest challenge of designing a tiny space is finding ways to incorporate your favorite elements on a smaller scale.  The rest of our home is a work in progress as we blend Star Wars memorabilia, bohemian style, and other random pieces together.

The interior design is a small factor of why we love our home. It is also the last item on our priority list. We have surrendered to the fact that the stairs and other paneling projects can not be completed until the summer arrives. With the snow melted away, we can make use of our outdoor tools again. Things are slowly coming together, one step and one season at a time.



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