Cheap, high quality, repurposed cupboards

This past summer we picked up two kitchen cupboards from Habitat for Humanity. They had never been used and there were no mounting holes cut into them. We paid $15 each.

With limited space on our loft and time in our schedules, these were the perfect solution to our storage conundrum. We now had somewhere to tuck our clothing away.

cleaning the cabinets

Habitat carries a huge collection of kitchen cupboards. I believe many of them are donated because of slight cosmetic damage. Eventually, we will be stripping and re-staining our set to cover the minor scratch in the front.

The wood planks on top were purchased from home depot. They fit the exact dimensions of the cupboards. As you can see, they are still wrapped in plastic. We will be treating the wood this summer. When the top sheet of wood is flipped up, a pocket is revealed underneath. Right now, I am storing papers and other small items inside. I will be adding magnets, Velcro, or hinges, to hold things in place down the road.

Closed cupboards Cupboard

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