Avoiding cat “ick” in a small space

Meet Johnny and Battlecat. Sometimes, as cute as they are; they do gross stuff. I’m going to address the nastiness and show you one of our solutions.

Surprisingly, living in a 250 square foot home with our kitties has not been a challenge. They frequent a larger area of the house than they did in our pre-tiny days. Cats tend to enjoy height. In our old home, they spent the majority of their time on the back of the couches. In our new home, they spend a lot of time on the loft, the stairs, or the rafters. We are lucky that they have embraced their new home as one giant cat tree. They even skipped the step where they freak out for 3+ days because they are in a new place.

Thanks kitties.

Top 3 kitty issues

#1 Peeing on the bed: Some cats love peeing on beds. They don’t do it because of a health issue like a UTI, they do it because they love to. It’s a cat hobby!

Before our tiny home, we had to keep the cats out of our room during the day to avoid a wet bed. We worried that it would be a reoccurring problem with an open loft  Luckily, they have not peed on the bed since we moved in. Cat’s don’t pee where they sleep and they have appointed our bed as their own.

#2 Where do they poop?: Rule of thumb, one litter box per cat plus another litter box. We have two litter boxes and a space for a third if we want to slide it into place.

We re-purposed some wood and built ourselves a large hefty box that can be used as a bench or for storage on top. The front flips open and we have enough room for multiple litter boxes inside or maybe, in the future; one giant litter box. This design works perfectly because it controls the smell and prevents litter from being tracked through the house. We can also attach a computer fan and vent the litter box outside if we decide to do so.

Cat litter box shelter Inside of cat litter box

Downside: Battlecat doesn’t bury his poop. He never did. Now he tries and fails. With his back legs in the box and his front legs outside of the box, he scratches the floor.

#3 Where do they puke up those adorable fur balls? Anywhere they want! They prefer to do it off the rafters to achieve those beautiful splatters.  They aim for right behind the stove. This way, the vomit dries up and glues itself down for an extremely difficult cleanup. Our solution? None at all. Maybe some nets? For now we think of it as cat glitter…  


What do you do to address having cats in a tiny space? Message us on facebook or leave a comment below.

Until next time,

-The Copper House

3 thoughts on “Avoiding cat “ick” in a small space

  1. Aamiene Reply

    I love that you see your cat’s puke as cat glitter! That’s a fabulous attitude that only cat lovers would have 🙂
    You could line the area behind your stove with aluminium foil or waxed paper for easy clean up – i.e. just gather up and toss then replace with fresh stuff. I think the box with the cat door into it is a brilliant solution

    1. livingtinycanada Reply

      That’s such a simple solution and a perfect idea, Thank you!
      I will be safeguarded by tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Aamiene Reply

        You’re very welcome 🙂

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