Living tiny doesn’t mean sacrificing your creativity (Sheri’s Alberta home)

The headhunt for fellow Canadian’s has been very challenging. Regardless, we persevered and it paid off. We finally tracked down a lovely woman, comfortably tucked away in the cold.

Sheri is a tiny home dweller living in central Alberta, outside of the Red Deer area. A new chapter of her life began after a divorce. She packed up and made the move from Vancouver Island so that she could be closer to her kids. She decided to go tiny in order to cut her living expenses down as much as possible. The build was partially funded with her divorce settlement and has successfully helped her achieve her goal of no payments aside from food and a cellphone bill.

Construction started in the summer of 2015 and 3 months later, in the fall; it was complete. The exterior measures 10 X 24 feet with an interior of 207 square feet. Her home is everything that she needs. Like many northern tiny home owners, Sheri has chosen not to install plumbing and instead shares a communal family space for showering and laundry. A septic system is not necessary, instead there is a nature’s head composting toilet. She is currently working on developing a system to dispense water for small jobs such as dish washing.

Living room Kitchen fridge Sewing machine and computer

Facing the first Canadian winter in her new home, Sheri has learned that her baseboard heaters are not performing as well as she had hoped. For now, a fireplace heater on the extra cold nights works just fine. The electric baseboards will be swapped out for a higher wattage soon.

By looking at the interior of her home, her unique style is made clear. When planning the layout, she prioritized her creative outlets. There is room for a computer, embroidery machine, and space to design ornaments, and other hands on projects. With most of her belongings in storage, she is still getting a handle on what items are most important before downsizing and selling in the spring.

DIY work area Bathroom Front area

We are glad to have stumbled across Sheri, as she has avoided blogging or publishing her journey. Like many tiny home dwellers, she has chosen to stay under the raider to avoid drawing attention to herself in case there are any zoning or bylaw issues. Her story is an inspirational reminder that taking risks isn’t such a bad thing. She has made a radical shift to embrace a new phase of her life. Now she is reaping the rewards.

If you are interested in viewing Sheri’s work, check out redneck dog designs on facebook.

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6 thoughts on “Living tiny doesn’t mean sacrificing your creativity (Sheri’s Alberta home)

  1. Nicole Reply

    I love seeing images of tiny homes that are actually lived in. I really like all of her creative touches as well as the fact that she has eliminated all bills. Such a cosy space!

    1. livingtinycanada Reply

      I’m glad to hear that! We have been looking for genuine “lived in” homes to share. 🙂

  2. Kobyn Schlichter Reply

    well done, looks great! thanks for the article guys!

    1. livingtinycanada Reply

      Glad you liked it, thanks for reading 🙂

    1. livingtinycanada Reply

      Thank you for sharing. Sheri has an amazing story!

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