-22 and we aren’t cold yet!

While the temperature drops, we have been waiting with baited breath to see how our home holds up.

With two cat’s and a dog we want to ensure they don’t turn into popsicles. Yes, we have a backup plan. There are people within the vicinity who can stop by and heat things up.

So far, so good.

Regardless of the temperature outside, our house sits at 15°C while we are away. We light a fire in the morning and the evening. That being said, we light a serious fire. I can never get enough heat so cranking it up to 30°C is not a problem. My partner isn’t as much of a fan. The loft gets even hotter at night but he sleeps like the dead. No harm there.  Our cats also love it. They lay on the stairs next to the stove or perch on the beam above it.

The “house” we purchased was essentially a makeshift camper that we have gutted and rebuilt. We would have preferred a marine stove but decided to stick with the one that was already installed. I can’t tell you if it throws more or less heat because I have no frame of reference. All I know is that this one packs a punch.

In other news..

I’ve had some fun making DIY firestarters. By shredding crayons, collecting lint, and mixing in some sawdust these were born:



They are good to have on hand when we are feeling lazy.

They may not look pretty, but they burn for quite a while. These puppies burn for about 7 minutes each. The next ones will have a longer burn time once I adjust the ratio’s.

(Tutorial here)

So far, we are having a good time. Wish us luck.

-The Copper House


3 thoughts on “-22 and we aren’t cold yet!

  1. Jennifer Reply

    I’m in Winnipeg, MB and have searched as much as I can (with the dream of building a tiny house) and I’ve almost figured it all out, but I absolutely cannot come up with a resolution for water (in&out)! What do you do for water in the winter? I can cut down water use by going with a composting toilet, etc, but what about showering and washing dishes?

    1. livingtinycanada Reply

      We have a large exterior water tank that pumps into the house. We are struggling with our water now that it’s gotten cold. Up until now, it’s been great. We fill our tank at a water station and it lasts us a long time.

      We are in the middle of doing what (we hope) will rectify the freezing problem. Our tank is pressed up against our house to collect the radiant heat and it’s enclosed in straw bales. We are going to insulate it further with industrial tarps. We are building a basic rocket stove that will heat the small enclosure.That should keep our large tank from freezing.
      The small pipe that runs from the tank into the house is getting wrapped in electric heat tape and foam insulation. We will be powering it with a cheap camping solar panel so it doesn’t drain our main grid. We will also stir the water each day to lower the chances of freezing.

      Our sink water drains into a large bucket under the counter that we manually dump. Our shower water drains into a bucket outside that we also dump.

      It’s all trial and error so stay tuned and learn from our errors! We couldn’t find anything online either so we are just going for it. We will make a post about it very soon. 🙂

    2. livingtinycanada Reply

      Hey Jennifer, we recently published an article addressing our water setup. You can read it here. http://livingtinycanada.com/2016/01/15/what-about-water-in-40-an-update/

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