Low impact, budget friendly build begins in PEI

With the help of “Earthship PEI” contributors (www.facebook.com/EarthshipPEI), Anne is beginning her building journey. She began a trial project in August, as she works towards a full build launching next summer. Her home plans include a 400 sq ft cabin in the woods (off grid) with palettes, clay slip straw, cob, and a huge rocket mass heater.

“This is us working on my shed. Pallets and straw insulation, I was hoping to do clay slip straw but after a bit of discussion we decided to do just straw. Hopefully the mice and other vermin won’t make nests. I guess it’s a matter of closing it off really well. This is only a shed, so it’s a great learning experience.”

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“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

– Confucius


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