Our tiny home on wheeks Hot summers & freezing winters..

Canadian weather is why we are creating this blog. The climate throughout central Canada is like no other. It has a remarkable range in temperature throughout the year. This leaves us tiny house dwellers in a unique situation as we build our homes in preparation for the seasons.

“The Copper House” is 178 square foot house on wheels in Alberta, outside of the Edmonton Area. We live off grid with our dog and two cats.  We are listing all of the local resources we stumble upon.  If you would like to visit our home send us a message. Guests are always welcome.

By focusing on tiny living/off grid lifestyles we strive to connect people across Canada embarking on the same journey. We aren’t here to give you the keys to the tiny living universe (we wish we had them ourselves). Instead, we will share our journey so you can take from our victories and our avoid our mistakes.

We would love to feature you in our blog if you currently live in a tiny or low impact home in Canada. At this time we are not writing for commercial builders or those who are still in the construction phase.

Please contribute all that you can. E-mail and post your stories/feedback.

Thank you,

-The Copper House

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  1. Tina Labbe

    I am interested in having a tiny home built maybe from a container whatever is cheaper and would love to live in Spruce Grove . I currently live in Vaudreuil Quebec and live in a condo but would like to scale down in size and have less clutter and live in Alberta again. Do you have any suggestions ?
    I am currently looking at this site for builders but what is the price range anyway? http://www.tinyhomealliance.ca/canadian-connections.html

    1. livingtinycanada

      Hey Tina,

      That’s a loaded question! I will try to answer it the best I can.
      • This blog is set up to connect people who are making the change to smaller or off grid living. There are some larger scale companies that are building tiny homes set up in BC and surrounding provinces. If they are on wheels then they will be easy to relocate. There are also individual people making them on kijiji, tinyhouselistings.com, etc. I am familiar with someone who is working on manufacturing large scale shipping crate homes but I don’t believe they will be for off grid use.

      Tiny home alliance lists the following, though I’m pretty sure you’ve checked them over if you were on the site:

      Avante Developments (modular pre-fabricated container structures)
      • Finished Right, Edmonton
      • Forest Trek Cabins, Edmonton
      • Knotty Pine Cabins, Edmonton
      • Studio North, Calgary

      Most folks in this neck of the woods are building their own. It’s a small community out here but it has rapidly grown over the past few years!

      Hopefully that helps. Making the change can be scary but is totally worth it!

  2. amber

    I am considering purchasing a large acreage and then using 20-30 acres of it to start a self sustaining community. I would like to sell plots to either tiny house people or to people who just want to get off the grid. How would I go about finding the people that would be interested in such and is it even something that can be done legally in saskatchewan?

    1. livingtinycanada

      That’s great to hear!
      I don’t know if I can tell you the legality, as tiny homes really are a grey area. As long as it’s on a rural plot I’m sure no one will have any problems with it.
      I can do a shout out on the facebook page and make a post on the blog looking for other Saskatchewan folk. Would you be willing to post your e-mail?

  3. Rich & Norma Albert

    We are looking into the tiny home movement, and in a year (summer 2017) we would like to re-locate to Edmonton. What we are looking for is places in and around Edmonton that have land or in a community of tiny house home owners that have a place for us to put one. Living out there yourself, do you know of anyone?

    Thank you

    1. livingtinycanada

      I would recommend setting up outside of Edmonton because at this time it is not legal to live in a portable dwelling within the city over the winter.

      This tiny home community is setting up in Northern Alberta:

      Your best bet is to post on classifieds and see if someone is willing to rent out a small section of their land to you. 🙂 Best of luck!

  4. Mike

    I believe City councils all over this country will not be able to ignore the idea of Tiny communities within city limits for much longer. We need to keep pressure on our Civic Politicians. All it is going to take is one city to get on board and I believe it will be have a domino effect.
    I think a Tiny home parks in our communities are just plain flat out a smart idea. I do think there would need to be quite strict guidelines as to what kind of tiny homes etc though. If they are kept up and not junky, it only bodes well for future generations of Tiny him owners within city limits.

    1. livingtinycanada

      I totally agree! Well said.

  5. katherine

    I agree.

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